Fresh Ink: Daniel Johnson’s Unblemished

Welcome writers to Fresh Ink, our contribution at For the Scribes to bring writers in contact with new and inspiring work from amazing and talented artists to look out for. Our first featured work, a poem entitled “Unblemished” comes from our talented FTS supporter Daniel Johnson. Excellent work sir!


If the police kill me Black, unarmed, innocent
I better be perfect
No blemishes on my record
Or my murder is a justified execution
At the hands of the State’s death squad
Bang Bang Bang
He’s Guilty
Innocent Blood
Poured out and crying for justice
Receiving only tears
Tears over property
and not my human value
I better be perfect
or I’m worthless

This photo is Copyright © 2015 Daniel Johnson. All rights reserved.

Daniel Johnson is a 27-year-old English major at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. The author of two collections of poetry, Say Hello, Revolution and Conviction, Johnson has also had blogs and letters published by Urban Cusp and currently has a short story awaiting reply from Callalou.

Know of some work that you’d love to see featured as Fresh Ink? Created some? Send them to!

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