Writers, You Are Home.


HEY COUSINS!!! Welcome to the function! Pull up a chair, maybe a bean bag, the floor is pretty nice too. Grab a juice or a coffee, we have Capri Sun pouches in the back. You’re here, and we’re all family.

Whether you’re a novelist, a poet, a blogger, a scriptwriter, a songwriter, a screenwriter, a playwright, or just an aspiring youngin’ with a passion for pens, For The Scribes was created to give you a voice. This is your new one stop shop for all your writing needs. Think of us as your favorite bookstore, run by those lovely, but hoodrich old siblings Henrietta and Joseph (Those aren’t our names. I just really like old people. Dont judge me.) We dish out Fresh Ink on Mondays, give you The Writer’s Block (coming soon) on Thursdays, and sprinkle in some reviews and advice in between. We’re pretty much like the perfect okra soup. (You’ve never had okra soup? You aren’t living life. Shout out to Ms. Patricia!)

Check in with us weekly, submit! We’re family now, and we want to be all in your business. If you have a book coming out, a fundraiser, an event, a new piece you’ve been working and you just want some feed back, we’re here for it.

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Get comfy, stay a while. We ain’t going no where. 🙂

Love always,

Asiah Mae and Willie K,

the Scribes.

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