Fall In Love With Fall

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When was the last time you fell in love? Not necessarily with a person, but just fell? Maybe it was a new TV show or a color that set your heart to racing. Or maybe it was a scent that reminds you of when “Netflix and chill” actually meant a good cuddle on the couch, watching 911 conspiracy documentaries (or maybe that’s just me). When was the last time you fell out of love? You may think we’re asking just to ask, but at FTS, we really want to know.

Fall starts off warm and fuzzy and ends in the chill of Winter. We would like to hold onto it forever, skipping the harsh winter winds all together, but we know we can never get to Spring without them. Fall transitioning into Winter is much like the art of love and we want to give you the chance to relive those oh so vivid feelings of falling, in your own words.

For the month of October, For The Scribes will be opening up our submissions for new writing and works centered around warmth, falling, and the season we all renew in. We will be sharing these every Monday in October, under the title Fall in Love with Fall. So dust off your pens and journals and send your pieces to info@forthescribes.com for our Fall in Love with Fall Challenge! We look forward to reading them. Happy writing!

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