Fall in Love with Fall: AsiahMae’s Spectrum

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We, the Scribes, have decided to kick off the Fall in Love with Fall Challenge by posting our own personal fall-related poems. This piece is from my upcoming chapbook, entitled Psalms on Saturday. Enjoy “Spectrum”!


I want to remember you in red hues.
Not the blue hues that I’m accustomed to.
I want to color you in with cinnamon
Maybe peppermint red like my favorite tea
Poinsettia red and a little pine green but not with envy.
I want to stay away from blue
Blues and purples and grays
The color of the sky the morning you’ll leave
No, reds are for me.
That warm color of the spectrum to remind me of how
the leaves we’re just changing the first time I woke up next to you.
Carefree summer to
Falling in your arms
The pink flush of my cheek as you kissed my nose on my birthday.
You whispered “make a wish”
At 12:01 & I blew the eyelash you held
between your fingertips into the darkness.
Wishing for a love past March.
Wishing for the crevice of your neck not to get too warm after
February that you’ll push me away like all the others before you
But I know the look in your eye as you muttered I love you too.
I’m far too familiar with vows mumbled too soon
I know you’ll be gone when the leaves spring back on trees
but I don’t want to color you that way
In blues, purples, grays.
The color of my heart once you realize that,
you can’t love me the way that I need.
The grandmother of pink
Replaced in my cheeks while I hold back my intensity
Luckily, I never faded to black
Just gray.
No, I’d rather color you red.
I’d rather color you when our love was new
When the leaves were old,
and dying.
And they were the only thing leaving me.

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