Fall in Love with Fall: Candice Johnson’s Seasonal Sanity Strife

Today’s Fresh Ink comes from blogger Candice Johnson, the lively writer who carved out her space in the music sphere by creating the inspiring indie music blog, But I’m Not A Critic Though. Candice brings us “Seasonal Sanity Strife” for a taste of her feelings for the season.

Seasonal Sanity Strife

The transition from spring and summer to fall and winter has been particularly difficult for me my entire life. When the change creeps up, I’m struck with a heavy sadness. Inevitably, my nose runs and my sinuses give me grief. The cute skirts and dresses in neon colors are replaced with bland blue jeans and dull colored scraves. The flowers that brought joy and happiness from March to September have reached the end of their stay. My favorite fruits are out of season too. The most chilling part is the temperature that can vary from a high 70 to a chilly 20 degrees. Anything under 70 is just too cold for me. I’m reminded that even though I haven’t attended a school for two autumns, summer’s departure still leaves me with a twinge of hurt and yearning for its return.

I’m determined not to let the season’s change bring me down this time.

This year I vow to soak up the vibrant colors of the transformed leaves; from fresh greens to radiant oranges and deep browns. A stroll through my local park on a cool evening will make me appreciate Mother Nature’s breaths caressing my body. After a wee bit of pouting I’ll pull out my bins of scarves and interchange them daily….one garnet, one houndstooth patterned, one pink with polka dots. Fall flowers are beautiful. Winter greens are delightful when cooked. After a chilly winter hibernation a new year will emerge and bring promise and happiness. This fall I’ll allow myself to be reminded, with all change comes progress.

Remember those leaves that held on to rigid branches with all their might. In the autumn they let go and are freed of all ties.

This photo is Copyright © 2015 Candice Johnson. All rights reserved.

Candice Johnson is a multifaceted personality, known by @Candiiboo, Young Pikachu, Faerie Tigress, and Candroid, coming to terms with what the title “writer” entails. Her favorite things to read and create are fantasy series, articles written by black authors, romance novels with the proper amount of lust, and Shojo mangas. When she isn’t using her degree by day or helping out the community when the sun sets, Candice can be found with her laptop at her favorite coffee shop, listening to the latest Indie artist on SoundCloud, or chasing her cat around her childhood home. Candice’s music blog, BINACT can be found here.

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