Fall in Love with Fall: Kai Cheek’s The Chapter Before the Thank You’s

Fresh Ink alert! Though winter is quickly approaching, this Fall in Love with Fall entry comes from new friend to FTS, Kai Cheek. We’re honored to be her first online appearance. Here’s her “The Chapter Before the Thank You’s”. Enjoy!

Over the years, I have used Autumn as a time for self reflection and growth. Revisiting a novel allows me to start fresh, discovering small details that I may have missed in my previous reads. I use this process as a reminder to find my way back to myself, but only by using a clean slate.

The Chapter Before the Thank You’s

I glance over at you as if I’d never seen you before.
You are waiting to be touched.
To be thumbed through.
Even criticized.
Anything to feel relevant in someone’s life.
I take you out when the leaves turn gold.
All vegetation dry,
Trees leaning over with tears.
Skies just not as bright as they were before the solstice.
This is my favorite time to lie with you.
To decipher your wordy moans.
We’ve been together countless times before.
Sometimes you stay for months, or just days depending on my attention span.
Each time I’m infatuated with a new detail of you.
The way you begin.
The way you bend.
Your tiny wrinkles and crevices adding to your wisdom and grace.
But I know that I am not the only one.
From the beginning this has been your way.
You sing a different melodic tune to each soul brave enough to open you up.
In times of early darkness and a howling breeze, I wonder who else has began this journey with you.
But regardless, the thrill for you has no end.

This photo is Copyright © 2015 Kai Cheek. All rights reserved

Veteran undercover writer Kai Cheek is new to publishing online, but a dear friend to words. An elusive, but gifted talent nonetheless, we’re sure this is not the last time you’ll hear from her.

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