Watch: Jasmine Mans’ “Footnotes for Kanye”

This photo is Copyright (c) 2016 Jasmine Mans. All rights reserved.

Kanye West sure does seem to be Kanye-ing a lot lately. In light of his Twitter feud with Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose last week, a recent piece by poet Jasmine Mans piqued our interest. Not one to mince words, in her latest poem, “Footnotes for Kanye,” she addresses Mr. West in a tone that only disappointment in a once-revered hero can bring. Opening with the lines “You look hungry… like that girl don’t make you no fried chicken or macaroni and cheese,” this New Jersey native reflects on the rapper’s lyrics, cultural impact and his current impressions amongst young people of color.

A skilled wordsmith with nothing short of BARS and “poetry with teeth,” poet and spoken word artist Jasmine Mans is a black woman creative and storyteller known for her works on race, religion, brutality, and pop culture. A former member of poetry collective The Strivers Row and HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices alumna, Mans is a 2014 graduate of the University of Wisconsin – Madison and is the force behind pieces like “Nicki Minaj,” a cultural critique on the female MC in society and lyrical hard hitters like “You Gone Get This Work.

Now solo, having completed a joint tour, MOMMA Atlas, with her sister in poetry Alysia Harris in 2015, she is the author of Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels, her first chapbook released in 2012, and continues to make attention-grabbing art. For more poetry and information on Jasmine Mans, visit

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