Alysia Harris Stuns in “Cab Rides & The Morning After”

This photo is Copyright (c) 2016 Alysia Harris and respective owners. All rights reserved.

Alysia Harris has never been anything short of amazing. A wonder woman artist capable of turning a phrase into a moment of magic, The Strivers Row alumna returns to the front of the camera in a “Cab Rides and the Morning After,” a new video. A definite blast from the past for those familiar with her work, Harris stuns with this captivating visual.

‘Tú crees en Dios pero tú haces malas cosas.’

You believe in God but you do bad things.

WARNING: Minor Fangirl Alert. As regional co-presidents of the Alysia Nicole Harris Fan Club, naturally, we at FTS wanted to give our thoughts on “Cab Rides”.

A magician well-trained in the ancient traditions of oratory, Alysia Harris is a golden-tongued scribe able to turn words into a near-religious experience. In a sense, this be animated holy text. Filled with moments inspired from a trip to the Czech Republic some years ago, Harris effortlessly weaves cinematic inner conflict with her trademark brand of delivery–sharp, vivid, intentional. Shying away from the camera for what seems like mere cameo appearances, the artist becomes more of an on-looking narrator for the tale of a young person struggling with their decisions, despite them being a retelling of her own. Blending the music of Vicktor Taiwò with choreographer and performer Mark Travis Rivera at the forefront, Harris breaks and rebuilds personal convictions “strong enough to stand on” through a conversation on faith, deeds and inner peace. A spellbinding visual solid enough to leave you in a trance countless times over, Harris’ impossible light has yet to fade and does not look as if it will anytime soon. Bravo, Ms. Harris, bravo.

Alysia Nicole Harris is a poet, teacher, and scholar that has dedicated her life to words. A former member of poetry collective The Strivers Row and alumna of HBO’s Russell Simmons Presents Brave New Voices made known for her viral performance of “That Girl,” she has garnered more than 2 million YouTube views. A UPENN, NYU and Yale graduate performing and workshopping across the globe, she is also the author of the upcoming chapbook How Much We Must Have Looked Like Stars to Stars, due out later this summer. For more work and information on the amazing Alysia Harris, visit

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