The Countdown: Five Weekend Self-Care Options to Combat a Stressful Week

Good Saturday morning, #ScribeTribe! With the weekend being here, we all know that the past few weeks (or month) have been quite rough. From the triggering images of police brutality and injustice throughout the country to the frustrating political climate to even the ordinary problems of the work week, we here at FTS know that stress is serious. For us, stressful weeks and environments can lead to writing blockages and stunted creativity, something that we as writers try our best to minimize. To help resolve that a bit, we have created a small bundle of self-care tips for our writers to explore this weekend. In our new segment, The Countdown, we’ll be bringing you different topics of interest to add to the #ScribeTribe community at For The Scribes. Without further ado, here are Five Weekend Self-Care Options to Combat a Stressful Week.

1. Get lost in a bookstore.


Anyone that writes knows just how closely writing goes hand-in-hand with reading. More so, anyone that reads knows just how therapeutic diving into a good book can be. One of the quickest ways to my heart is with a bookstore gift card, so it is no surprise that I’m encouraging getting lost in one. Booksamillion, Barnes & Noble, 2nd & Charles, local makeshift library–take your pick. Make a solo trip or even bring a date. Enjoy a coffee and the soft rustle of pages turning and take your mind off of life by traveling to different worlds–bound on paper. Leave your stress by the front cover.

2. Have a night-in with friends.


Step 1: Grab friends. Step 2: Grab wine. Step 3: Grab old school jams. Step 4. Grab random appliances, slide out and sang DOWN. (Word to Living Single.) They say that misery loves company, but honestly so does happiness. One of the most surefire ways that my friends and I have learned to turn our frowns upside down is simply with each other. Whether it’s movie night watching Waiting To Exhale, Kill Bill or Steel Magnolias on the couch until we laughed or cried ourselves to pieces or simply having a 5-way video chat via Google Hangouts talking about toilet paper and Steven Universe, there is always strength in numbers. You don’t have to deal with everything alone. Get your comrades to help you get rid of the negativity. It doesn’t take much. You may even make some cool memories along the way.

3. Play Pokémon Go.


[Sings] I wanna be the very best that no one ever was! It’s not too late to join the Poké sensation that’s sweeping the nation. 151 of the original, colorful and interesting Pocket Monsters brought to you by Game Freak and Nintendo are now awaiting for you to become the newest Pokémon master, thanks to Niantic Labs. Grab a friend or two, grab your phone and enjoy a nostalgic pastime. Though we longstanding fans are watching those of you that laughed at us on the playground with our Gameboy Colors & trading cards, we’re gonna let you slide today. Given the dangers and all that currently goes on though, as the game advises, we too at FTS strongly encourage you to always stay alert and please be safe. Pokémon Go is available on the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

4. Explore new podcasts.


Whoever said that podcasts had to be restricted to afternoons at your cubicle throughout the work week? Not us! Break open your iTunes or SoundCloud and immerse yourself in some different conversations that speak to your creative interests. Ranging from tech to video games to why Denzel Washington is the greatest actor on the planet, there are countless options to choose from. A few of my current personal favorites are as follows:

  • The Friend Zone: A weekly podcast for positivity, Dustin, Fran and Assanté discuss mental health and wellness with a bit of comedy, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?
  • TrapGami: Shonen, Ronin, and 808 beats, Langston & Gib offer conversation and laughs on anime, manga, music, and pop culture.
  • BLKBOARD: Born in the era of Gameboys & Bruce Timm cartoons, Jermaine Dickerson & Michael Tré are artists and blerds discussing life and nerd culture biweekly.
  • The Poetry Gods: Breaking down “the word” as an artform for even those that don’t like poetry, Aziza Barnes, Jon Sands, and José Olivarez explore the people and stories behind the poems.

5. Take a social media break.


Close out Twitter. Turn off your Facebook and Instagram notifications. Take off the puppy or flower crown filter on Snapchat. With the never-ending flow of information coming in every second, sometimes the Interwebs can be a bit overwhelming and even depressing. Though I am so grateful for the miracle of social media and that it does, it’s more than okay to log off if things become too heavy for you. Your mental health is something to be taken seriously. Take a minute to step away. Experience life in as much of a peaceful and uninterrupted space as you desire. We all know that the news feed will be there to come back to. We want to make sure that you will be too. You matter.

I hope that you will find these tips useful and that you take some extra time this weekend to make sure that you stay afloat and centered. Like words and good books, our #BlackScribesMatter. Stay breezy and happy Saturday! All light, all love.

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