The Feathered Five with JayBurritos

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What goes on #ScribeTribe? It’s the weekend again and we’re saying T.G.I.F. with loads of enthusiasm! While we wind down our week with albums from the likes of Jamila Woods, DJ Khaled and hopefully, the long-awaited of return of FTS’ favorite glitch, Frank Ocean, we give you the Feathered Five. In a lightning round series involving five questions, we sit down with bloggers, podcasters and folks taking nontraditional routes to writing, making headway throughout the interwebs, and discussing just how it connects for them. A voice to add to the list of our favorite podcasters and an avid member of the #PaakHive for modern marvel Anderson .Paak, joining us for our first Feathered Five feature straight out of Atlanta is the host of Runaway Jukebox and the colloquial Master of Millennial Music himself, JayBurritos.

Willie Kinard: Podcast host, Thundercat enthusiast, music reviewer, you wear quite a few hats. First off, what was your favorite book or book series growing up?

JayBurritos: That’s way too easy. I grew up on punishment a lot and when I was on punishment, I wasn’t allowed to watch TV or anything. But, I accidentally got hooked to Harry Potter. I know that sounds cliché, but J.K. Rowling literally made me crazy about reading. I was a huge Harry Potter fan even before the movies came out. It was everything to me.

AsiahMae: That doesn’t make you crazy, that makes you tribe. [Laughs] Number 2: What is your favorite misspelled Twitter word? Mine just so happens to be “congratulations” with a “d” in it.

JayBurritos: [Laughs] My favorite misspelled Twitter word… I don’t even know how to answer that. Being the grammar stickler that I am, besides “there,” “their,” and “they’re,” that’s a bit of a tough one. “Your” is a big one in how folks constantly misspell that. But, I’d say “conglomerate.” It’s a fancy little word that folks seem to spell badly as “congo” with “merit” at the end. That’s rare, but it’s probably my favorite.

I try to mean every thing that I say and try not to waste space or waste words… because words mean things and words are power.


WK: On to Number 3. Finish this sentence: Words are what?

JayBurritos: Power. That’s the first thing that comes to mind. I try to mean every thing that I say and try not to waste space or waste words, being very careful because words mean things and words are power.

WK: Number 4: Awesome. Thinking back to your Esperanza Spalding review from earlier this year and your podcast flow, you consider yourself more as writing-adjacent than as a writer, even though you use it very carefully. When was the moment that you realized that writing was important to you?

JayBurritos: Probably sometime in college. I went to school for game design, but I noticed that I kept getting “A’s” in English. Eventually, I realized that I had a knack for it. It was kind of weird. By the time I got away from gen-ed classes to the creative writing classes, I was having so much fun. I thought, “Hmm… Maybe I should’ve considered this as some sort of occupation.” I remember being never finding writing as my thing when I was younger in middle and high school, but in college, I’m remember thinking, “Maybe I am good at this.”

AM: We are approaching the last question for the Feathered Five. Thanks so much for sharing your time with us and helping me get into being more of a podcast kind of girl. Before we wrap though, tell our readers quickly about any projects or future things of yours coming.

JayBurritos: For the 70th episode, we’re collaborating with this popular YouTube group, Dead End Hip Hop for a special episode, so be sure to check out Runaway Jukebox for that. We’re bridging the generation gap, having a conversation between the old school and the new school. I think conversations like that are important so that drops later on August 8th. I’ll also be at the One Music Festival in September, hopefully as press. I’m taking more of a professional approach to that with an actual media kit, so I’m putting that together.

WK: Thank you again. We appreciate you so much for your time and the space you’re creating. Last question to close the Feathered Five: In three words, who is JayBurritos?

JayBurritos: Immaculate, yet imperfect.

For more on JayBurritos, follow him on Twitter and be sure to find more on Runaway JukeBox on SoundCloud, iTunes, Google Play, or visit

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