AsiahMae Shares Her Coming Out Story


My coming out story isn’t much of a story. At some point, I think I’ve always known I was at least bi, I just kept it to myself. My mother is openly bisexual and I saw how other moms reacted to her openness, so I hid behind a “tomboy” veil until after college. It’s funny, how people would clock me. The lesbians always hit on me in school, the curious girls would always choose me to experiment with. It wasn’t until I was around 22 that I finally said to myself, “Asiah, you’re queer.” Bisexual didn’t seem right though, so I did my research. I found out about being pansexual and for once, something felt right.

Before I moved out, I sat my mom down and told her I was pan, and she replied, “What’s new? I always knew you were a little butchy. Welcome to the club.” I got really lucky to have such an understanding Umi as well as understanding siblings and friends. I know a lot of us don’t get that, and I understand how bad this could have been had I been anyone else so I don’t take coming out lightly. To all the people who haven’t “formally” come out yet, do you. Live your truths in your own time. And, know that you have a community that already loves you. 💙

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