Before 25…


Twenty-five. A quarter of a century. They say time is a man-made concept but man, it sure flies. I dreamt I was 7 years old again, sitting up under my grandmother in the kitchen as she made red velvet cake, waiting to lick the spoon, daydreaming about being 25. That vision and my reality couldn’t be further apart and for that, I am grateful. The woman I wanted to be is a far cry from the woman I am. In fact, that woman would not have been able to handle the woman that I’ve become. The past 25 years have been amazing, crazy, passionate, dark, memorable, so many things. The only word I can think to sum it all up with is growth. I’ve grown, mentally, physically and emotionally. Rather than dwell on all the things I thought I should have been doing by now, I decided to check into our #WeBeGrateful Journaling Challenge and write down the 25 things I’m grateful to have done before 25. I’ve got to make room for the next 25. After all, the glo up is real and I’m just getting started.

25. Gone to college.

24. Met my best friends in college.

23. Left a horrible relationship before it killed me.

22. Seen Outkast live (with my best friend in the pouring rain).

21. Listened to my best friend and snuck into VIP for that same Outkast show.

20. Scammed my way to New York for AfroPunk for under $125.00.

19. Started two businesses.

18. Moved out of my Umi’s house.

17. Retired my playa card. (Man down, pimp in distress!)

16. Featured on a song.

15. Published my first book, oxygen. (#BuyMyBookImPoor)

14. Got over my fear of modeling.

13. Got rid of every toxic relationship in my life.

12. Competed in a story slam.

11. Broken generational curses. (25, no marriages/divorces/babies!)

10. Formed friendships with my Umi and Grandma (bff4lyfe).

9. I have my Uncle Tommy’s heart, my Grandma Mary’s laugh, so I have them forever.

8. Learned how to cry.

7. Shot my shot (and failed, for the greatest good).

6. Fell in love with myself.

5. Got out of my own way.

4. Acted in a music video.

3. Recognized my role as a healer.

2. Learned the power of discernment.

1. I made it. I didn’t listen to the voices in my head telling me I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t needed, and that I had no purpose. I picked up the phone when my best friend called. I burned my suicide notes. I didn’t let depression win.

25 and still alive. Ain’t that ‘bout a blessing? To everyone who loves me, I love you too. Thank you, for everything. Here’s to these 25 and to 25 more. 💚

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