The Countdown: 17 Books to Read in 2017


Happy Friday and Happy New Year #ScribeTribe!!! The end of a year and the beginning of another always calls for reflections, a time to evaluate everything, from your love life to your personal life, and especially your career goals. Here at FTS, we tend to have Scribe Goals. Amongst those is a list of books we intend on reading for the year. I’ll be the first to admit it: we slacked off HARD on the literature tip in 2016. We bought books; we gifted books to each other. We traded books, we talked about reading them, and yet our lists went unchecked. Well, for 2017 we’ve made reading a top priority for the whole staff (I’m saying whole like there’s 12 of us, but you never know what we’ve got coming for year 2). We can’t be a resource for all things read and written if we aren’t reading and writing, right? So here’s where you come in: we’ve compiled a list of 17 books that we think are worthy of our eyes and yours for 2017, from some amazing POC scribes. Just 17 books, that’s less than two books a month! When you pick up one, let us know!

  1. How Much We Must Have Looked Like Stars to Stars – Alysia Harris
  2. My Voice: A Memoir – Angie Martinez
  3. The Sobbing School – Joshua Bennett
  4. No Gravity 2 – Ruby Francisco
  5. I be, but I ain’t – Aziza Barnes
  6. Young Man, Rumble – Ryan Spear
  7. Cannibal – Safiya Sinclair
  8. Night Sky with Exit Wounds – Ocean Vuong
  9. When My Brother Was an Aztec – Natalie Diaz
  10. Counting Descent – Cliff Smith
  11. The Crown Ain’t Wroth Much – Hanif Willis Abolurraqib
  12. Black Movie – Danez Smith
  13. The Fire This Time: A New Generation Speaks about Race – Jesmyn Ward
  14. How to Slowly Kill Yourself and Others in America – Kiese Laymon
  15. Invisible Man, Got the Whole World Watching: A Young Black Man’s Education – Mychal Denzel Smith
  16. Homegoing: A novel – Yaa Gyasi
  17. Swing Time – Zadie Smith

We want to talk about these with you, digest them and form a mutual love over lit pieces of literature. We’re all family here, and fam helps fam knock those reading goals out the park. We don’t give out Accelerated Reader points, but we might have a prize in store for some folks who finish our list at the end of the year. It’s not a pizza party, but it’ll be just as cool, we promise. Here’s to reading well written works in this Universal 1 year! Stay light, loves!

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