The Quarry: Vibe Design for Creative Lives

Happy Friday #ScribeTribe! With the new year bringing in loads of motivation for healthy and positive change, we here at FTS are getting back to being “for the scribes” in five words: Wellness. Resources. We Be Writing. Focusing on writers’ wellness and access to solid and beneficial resources and advice, we’re making sure that all of our content is specifically crafted for us, by us. As such, we are going begin a more holistic and practical approach to our posts, introducing new types of content throughout the coming months. With that, we are proud to introduce The Quarry, a gem-themed musical compilation series for creative inspiration and a remedy for writer’s block.


Providing you with carefully curated playlists for different types of energy, we’re doing our part to help you create healthy, positive environments and atmospheres to get you out of the writing blocks and back to picking your pens up. Joining us will be writers, content creators, and supporters that we love to design for you a variety of vibes your creative needs and general outlook, all aligning with the energy of a healing crystal, an alternative healing practice that we hold near and dear. At FTS, we know the mind is the source of all motivation, so why not make efforts to keep it healthy and happy? Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one of these stones making its way towards you.

Starting this Friday afternoon off with a bang, we bring you the Inaugural Quartzes: the abundant and energizing Citrine by AsiahMae, gently grounding and focusing Smoky Quartz by Dope Black Art founder and creative director, Hakeem Hicks, and lastly, serene and dreamy Amethyst, curated by yours truly. We hope that your day and creative habits are full of nothing but positivity and good vibes. Stay light, y’all!

For more of the gems in our rock collection, see our full list of vibes here.




For more information on citrine, smoky quartz, amethyst, or crystal healing, feel free to visit or

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