Recovering Softcover #1: Imposter Syndrome

What goes on, #ScribeTribe? By now, you’ve probably finished your Sunday brunch, sipped on one (or several) mimosas and may or may not be preparing to relax and let your mind wander. Generally treated as a day of reflection and soul searching, you may be pondering about life and needing some advice on some unclear things. What happens next for me? Am I headed in the right direction? Just where do I fit in this great big writing world? At FTS, we know that these are just a few things out of many that have crossed and stayed on writers’ minds. Though we may not have all the answers, we’re cracking open some deep-seated queries.


Recovering Softcover is the premier advice column for writers, presented by For The Scribes. With a focus on the internal world writers brave in order to build worlds, both on and past the page, Ashanti Marshall provides a conscious and subconscious perspective for a different question posed each week. Presented by a different member of the vibrant and expanding community of independent writers and wordsmith across genre that call For The Scribes home, on Sundays, we’ll be recovering and healing.

Willie Kinard: How does one deal with imposter’s syndrome?

Subconscious: How do you act or respond to your personal ability? Are you supportive of yourself when you fail? What do you determine as failure? If you are avoiding your lesson, your circumstances will cycle as they need to until you learn what you need to.

Conscious: What are you worshipping? Because the attention that you are are affording imposter’s syndrome is worship – consuming, devoted and habitual.

Subconscious: What about this worship is comfortable? Get honest about why it is comfortable. Are you affording your fears safety? If your fears are safe, what does this speak of your ability?

Conscious: How can you transform the competition and jealousy aroused from comparison into a useful practice or action?

Subconscious: Consider imposter syndrome as a developmental and experimental space where standards are bent in order for new or emerging skills to be built. Be deliberate about patience, this is your work too.

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs your presence and will.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


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