Recovering Softcover #2: Transformation between Self & Art

Question: How do I grow within my writing and myself without conflicting the two?

Conscious: There is a massive upheaval, a shift that I can’t place. I am afraid to continue as something foreign, whether in thoughtful response or mindless reaction. Name your fears.

Subconscious: How are these individual transformations informing one another?

Conscious: Having conversation with change can be difficult because you are always in it. Difficult does not mean impossible.

Subconscious: Just because you see these changes as singular and dependent doesn’t mean they have to be in opposition to garner value, importance or respect from you. How are you processing both your life and your writing, in what emotional state or circumstance? Remember, both entities are their own for their unique reason.

Conscious: How are you making clarity available to you? What practices move you closer towards it? Keeping a God box might help, no matter what religious affiliation you have. I wrote about my experience after keeping one for thirty (30) days here.

Subconscious: Are you allowing yourself room for more complex and new definitions of understanding and relating to yourself and your writing? Your doubt, your overwhelm, your indecisiveness and your fears can not give you this permission — only your will can.

Conscious: What can my will do? How can a focused willpower impact my writing and my life? How can a focused willpower develop a harmonious relationship between my writing and my life?

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs you.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


If you or some writer you know has a burning question about the woes and wins of this writing lifestyle, email Ashanti directly with your query and the subject line “Recovering Softcover” at Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous in your correspondence.

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