Recovering Softcover #3: On Being Picture-Perfect (Instagram Edition)


Question: How do I share my written work to the masses? How do I get my words on Instagram in picture posts without looking cheesy?

Conscious: What about trends attract you to them? Get very specific about how they make you feel.

Subconscious: The intangible (your emotions and perspective) can not be duplicated. How are you accessing and utilizing what you have to your benefit?

Conscious: If you pay too much attention to how green the grass is on the other side, you’ll forget what you’re standing on. How are you serving your unique story? If you deliver it as a hassle, don’t be surprised if people are weighed down by it.

Subsconscious: What is your intention with articulating your work? Get authentic with why you want to share your words, with how you show up to yourself. Creativity will evolve without your permission.


The mission of A Note to Zami is to archive the written work of black queer femmes through annotations and sharing my insight via experiential essays that tackle the themes of the written works I annotate. My Instagram account serves as my scratch paper. It’s a digital journal of themed writing prompts (shoutout to the “hamburger menu” feature) and a collection of pictures and videos of black femme writers that are my greatest source of inspiration. It’s like a little archive accompaniment to my website.

Be well while greeting your work. It just needs you.

Love and support from my pen to yours,


P.S. – You can follow me on Instagram at @anotetozami.

If you or some writer you know has a burning question about the woes and wins of this writing lifestyle, email Ashanti directly with your query and the subject line “Recovering Softcover” at Please note if you’d like to remain anonymous in your correspondence.

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