We Killed Our God by Catrice Woodbury



I am freed from the
prison of my rib cage,
the marrow bars of the cell
slowly opening like a
bud in bloom.

The chains of my
blood vessels
release my
wrists and ankles.
They’re a bit sore.
I rub them
and I feel the life flow again.

I raise my head,
hold it higher than God,
for these are our effigies
and we burn them down.

I run down the streets,
bare feet,
free at last.
I have been liberated,
I feel the air in my lungs:
it is fresh and clean.


Catrice Woodbury is a 23-year-old poet living in Worcester, MA. She is soon set to have poems published with Public Pool Poetry online. Catrice has been writing since she was a child, starting with a comic called Moonlight Shadow that she co-authored and illustrated with a friend in the third grade. She started writing poetry in college, when she attended the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts in North Adams, MA. Besides writing poetry, she likes to paint, read, and spend time with her friends.





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