Greedy Love by Jupiter


I have this sorta…
One-sided relationship with the evening
She so graciously shows up like clockwork
At the end of a strenuous day, helps me unwind

Subtly cloaks the harsh light of reality
While allowing me to relax in the life
that is awakened by the tucking in of the sun

I spend hours wrapping myself in the miles
of infinite darkness, remaining still and at peace,
selfishly indulging in this tranquility…
without saying a word and she never nags me to speak
I’m allowed the freedom to pour my vulnerability,
fluidly into the abyss
and never asked as to why I’m so bottled
She’s silent and strong
and I, without consideration,
heavy-handedly fill my cup
without asking if she needs anything in return

But the evening… My evening,
is all too eagerly benevolent,
never complains, and doesn’t exit
until my eyes have closed.

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Melissa Everett writes under the pseudonym, Jupiter. She is a poet, a body of words, a woman built from the inside out, with poetry. A self-proclaimed, displaced lover from the Shakespearean time, dropped into the 21st century. She is a published author. Her debut chapbook Willow: A Journey Through The Ashes is a collaborative effort of sex, love and pain.




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