Three Poems by Q. Gibson



The brown body
takes breathlessness
by the hand
beneath sun
beneath rainfall
beneath the city
the brown hand
coddles the wind
and becomes it
in the heat
brown arms often
grow summer wings and
this life that is burden
becomes distant worry
this life that is a distant
worry becomes only
past dreams.



The privilege of
breath in an airless world
the sun beaming on
a shaded sea
tasting light under the
efflorescence of life
to breathe lightly
and as freely
as one should
is all too often
a liberation.



To live a life that
breathes inside
and outside of the body
is a freedom
that remains
present both at the
wildest beginning of a life
and at the somber ending of one
this is the long life
the longest life
this is the essence of being.


Q.Gibson is a poet and writer from Cleveland, Ohio. She is the author of three collections of work: The Flowering Woman: Becoming and Being; The Sweetness in Soil; and Sunday Sugar. Many of her works stem from the importance of narrative in womanhood, minority life, and healing/self-care. Her work has appeared in NR Magazine, Afroelle Magazine, online for Silver Birch Press, and more publications. She currently guests writes for the online publication Black Girl in Om and constructs monthly newsletters for the literary subscription My Lit Box.





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